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Chatterbox Daycare

At Chatterbox Daycare, the mural showcases children sitting on books, illustrating the boundless power of imagination and the notion that reading can transport one to countless worlds.

Hope Center Basketball Court 

Painted a compelling mural that covered an entire basketball court at the Hope Center. Using the color orange as a powerful symbol, he raised awareness about the pressing issue of gun violence, making a visual statement that resonates with all who see it.


Hope Center Window Panel 

This artwork is an invitation to explore the intersection of creativity and reality, where the ordinary can transform into the extraordinary. The young girl's silhouette, a universal embodiment of hope and aspirations, reminds us that the sky is not the limit. In this mesmerizing scene, the 'O' balloon becomes a vessel for imagination, carrying us on a visual journey through the boundless possibilities of art and the human spirit."


Ham n Eggers Logo

I was asked by the owners of this establishment to paint their logo inside the restaurant.

For all inquiries contact me.

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